Frag Out! Magazine #15 - CRKT Kasper/Polkowski Companion

CRKT Kasper/Polkowski Companion

Some time ago, quite unexpectedly, an already no longer manufactured CRKT Companion fell into my hands. Its folded successor is still available, but reminiscences of the fixed one and its archetype has already been dusted slightly. It is worth reminding its history, because this knife has been, in its time, a real legend in the combat knife category – what anyway should not be astonished since the design is personally endorsed by such names as Bob Kasper and Al Polkowski.

CRKT Companion has been introduced to the market in a few variants  – smooth or serrated blade (there was also blackened blade available). Each knife came with two sheaths, pretty uncommon thing, especially that Companion was a budget line knife. Unfortunately, a low price has been reflected in the used materials.

The blade is made from one of the cheapest stainless steels available on the market – the 55-57HR Japanese AUS-6M. The low hardness of the used material causes that the knife quickly loses its sharpness and requires frequent sharpening.


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