Carinthia ISG 2.0

Although the Austrian Carinthia is best known for its sleeping bags and insulation jackets, it also offers a selection of hardshells and softshell and, although they are on the very edge of the offer, they are worth noticing.

Somewhere in the late spring of 2017, we received four new Carinthia ISG 2.0, the latest iteration of the hybrid softshell jacket. The new version did not significantly differ from the previous one, but the minor tweaks were implemented. Carinthia ISG 2.0 is a hybrid created as a combination of a softshell and a down jackets merged into one. The parts of the body, the hood and the sleeves were made of a three-layer softshell laminate, while the front and the back – of thin quilted nylon with insulation fibers inside.

The jacket has an alpine, almost slim fit cut that makes it stick close to the body. It ensures high thermal comfort and (if we wear proper layers under the jacket) good transport of moisture to the top. Unfortunately, it also “highlights features” of the user, so you either do something about it or have to remember to pull in your beer belly.

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