Carinthia G-Loft Ultra Shirt: Sneak Peek

For 60 years Carinthia – a trademark of the Goldeck Textile Corporation – has devoted itself to insulation technology using both, natural as well as synthetic fibres for use in most extreme conditions. For over 25 years now Carinithia have been focusied on the development of synthetic insulation with aim to achieve maximal efficiency with an optimal warmth to weight ratio. The latest development is the ULTRA line up of ultra-lightweight thermal insulation clothing.

The most known product of Carinthia is the G-Loft® synthetic insulation. Following excessive testing most European armies has opted for G-Loft®. G-Loft® high insulation garments and our high quality sleeping bags are also used by the military as well as special units in their daily deployment. Even under the most extreme climatic conditions G-Loft® offers this top performance along with the comfort required. This extraordinary quality has been achieved after years of systematic research that has taken the natural properties of the goose down as a standard.


Goldeck Textile was established in 1948 and taken over by August Mayer (current CEO) in 1971. The company was focusing from the beginning on Insulation products, which in the early years, were mainly blankets and pillows. Already in the 1970’s Goldeck Textile produced its own insulation based on virgin wool and cotton. Partially also recycled loden residues (woolen textiles) found its way into a corresponding insulation. 1982 was the beginning of the production of an insulation made of polyester fibers. For this purpose based on the the latest engineering techniques a new production facility was established, which aligns polyester fiber-s 3-dimensional. An outstanding insulation was created. This was the origin of the G-LOFT® insulation that contributed several names over the years: 3D fiber, from 1985 GLT (Goldeck Loft Technology) and now G-LOFT®. The first G-LOFT® products were installed in sleeping bags (Intersport, Austrian Armed Forces).

Over time, the G-LOFT® fibers and their blends have been continuously further developed. Also the production plant went through various optimization processes, thereby the individual components of the machine were kept abreast of the latest technology. Major improvements effecting the quality of the G-LOFT® insulation have been implemented in recent years.


The new G-LOFT® ULTRA SHIRT is a flexible base and/or second layer, which acts as a second skin and is interchangeable. The combination of G-LOFT® materials and Techno-Strech offer a wide variety of uses in the cold seasons. The materials used are characterized by the increased vapor permeability – known from the existing Ultra Series. Especially in the back, where a concentrated moisture removal must be ensured, the Techno-Stretch fleece increases this function too.

As it is stated above, ULTRA SHIRT is not your all-purpose jacket for every kind of application. It is streamlined, lightweight and compact. And insulation only.

Some main features of the ULTRA SHIRT. It has “athletic cut” or even “tight fit”, which is a comfortable yet trim fit without an excess of material. It’s designed for freedom of movement and range of motion. The full front zip has an interior wind flap for added protection against the elements.

The torso part of the jacket is insulated quilted 100% nylon DWR coated for weather resistance, with G-LOFT® Si 40g/m² insulation. There is stretch-ventilation insert on the center back for improved range of motion.

Sleeves are Techno-Strech (92% Polyester, 8% Elastan) stretch fabric which feels similar to some sport wear or sweatshirts. Additional mesh inserts are placed in the underarm area for improved ventilation and air circulation. The cuffs are elastic for tight fitting around the wrist.

Stand-up collar is almost 8 cm tall, and provide protection for the front and back of the neck without chafing or discomfort. It is lined with very soft, brushed microfleece fabric. The ULTRA SHIRT lacks of outer or inner pockets, so you need to carry all your stuff in pants or in the outer layer.

The product is available in two color versions, solid black and Olive torso with black sleeves. It comes in 5 sizes (from S to XXL) and the weight of Medium shirt is approx. 250 grams. MSRP is 119,99 EUR.


  • Bi-Component-Fiber. Due to the “MEMORY-EFFECT” the G-LOFT® insulation returns always to its particularly warm, airy original shape.
  • Special Fiber Blend. Microfibers and “low-melt Fibers” guarantee for a durable, soft G–LOFT® insulation and at the same time the smallest possible pack size.
  • Natural Clustering. The G-LOFT® fibers form within the insulating layer, so-called “clusters”, as they are also found in high-quality goose down. Air is trapped in countless, small cushions, which provides an optimum lasting insulation in all directions.
  • Warm & Light. The unique fiber technology gives the G-LOFT® insulation an unrivaled warmth to weight ratio. The extremely hollow fiber causes a drastic reduction in specific weight and optimal thermal insulation.
  • Highly Compressible. The small pack size wonder: When packing and stowing air escapes from the G–LOFT® insulation which then rapidly builds up again due to the “Memory Effect”.
  • Top Wet Condition Performance. Unlike down the G–LOFT® fiber does not absorb moisture. Thus it guarantees a very high thermal performance even under wet conditions.
  • Highly Breathable. The breathable G–LOFT® products guarantee a perfect temperature control in the outdoor area and an optimal sleeping climate.
  • Easy Care. G-LOFT® products can be washed in conventional washing machines and are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Furthermore durability and naturally comfort are additional key criteria for the professional user of sleeping bags and high insulation garments.

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