The shooting experience is seamless—authorized users can simply pick the gun up and fire it.

Biofire Smart Gun Secured by Fingerprint and Facial Recognition

Biofire Technologies unveiled the Biofire Smart Gun®, a 9mm handgun that uses fingerprint and facial recognition biometrics to ensure only authorized users can fire it. Designed for home defense, the Biofire Smart Gun enables firearm owners to defend themselves against external threats while preventing unauthorized access and misuse.

The shooting experience is seamless: authorized users can simply pick the gun up and fire it. The Biofire Smart Gun is the first and only biometric firearm on the market.

The shooting experience is seamless—authorized users can simply pick the gun up and fire it.

Biofire’s approach is totally novel: we’ve applied high-precision engineering principles to make a meaningful impact on preventable firearm deaths among children. No one had tried that before. As a result, Biofire is now offering the most technologically advanced consumer firearm the industry’s ever seen. The Biofire Smart Gun shoots like any high-quality firearm, but it also feels like you’re holding the future in your hand. This is a new era in firearm safety driven by ambition and optimism, motivated by the idea that we can in fact help save people’s lives.

Kai Kloepfer, CEO and Founder of Biofire

Firearm-related accidents, homicides, and suicides are now the leading cause of death for American children, taking thousands of lives every year. According to one study, more than forty percent of American children whose parents believe their guns are secured said they could access those guns within two hours. One in eight middle and high school students in Colorado say they can access a loaded firearm within 10 minutes. Millions of children live in households with loaded, unsecured firearms.

The Biofire Smart Gun® is a 9mm handgun secured by fingerprint and facial recognition biometrics.

The Biofire Smart Gun was designed specifically for real gun owners who want a quality home defense firearm that cannot be used by children or criminals. In a few years, I believe that the head of every household in America who wants a home defense firearm is going to choose this Smart Gun.

Mike Corbett, Biofire advisor and former member of SEAL Team 6

Led by the belief that focusing on gun owners’ needs is the best way to drive innovation, Biofire conducted interviews with thousands of gun owners to inform the Biofire Smart Gun’s design. Engineers who developed the Smart Gun prioritized reliability and speed, informed by their backgrounds in military ballistics, high-precision weapon-targeting systems, and other technical defense roles.

The Biofire Smart Gun® works in a wide variety of conditions, including if a user is wearing gloves or a face covering.

The Biofire Smart Gun shoots like a gun—there’s no delay. If it weren’t for the futuristic look, you wouldn’t know that it isn’t just a regular mechanical pistol. That’s very appealing to people interested in a home defense firearm, which is a significant market segment. I’ve come away from the opportunity to fire the gun myself pretty excited and impressed by the system—so far, Biofire has done it right.

Ian McCollum, the firearm technical expert behind Forgotten Weapons, a YouTube channel with 2.5M subscribers

Key Biofire Smart Gun Features

  • Biofire’s Guardian Biometric Engine integrates state-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint identification and 3D infrared facial recognition systems that independently verify a user’s identity – whichever recognizes the user first, unlocks the firearm. It works in a wide variety of conditions, including if a user is wearing gloves or a face covering. Customizable LED indicators show when the gun is armed.
  • Users’ biometric data never leaves the firearm, which has no onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS.
  • The firearm immediately locks when it leaves an authorized user’s hand. Integrated IR sensors in the grip keep the firearm armed while an authorized user is holding the gun, removing a need to continuously authenticate their biometrics.
  • Solid state, encrypted electronic fire control technology ensures it’s impossible to modify the Biofire Smart Gun to circumvent its biometrics or to convert it into a conventional handgun. While it’s a system commonly seen on modern fighter jets and missile systems, the Smart Gun is the first handgun in the world to operate with “fire-by-wire”.
  • A rechargeable, removable, high-endurance lithium-ion battery powers the firearm. The battery lasts for several months with average use and can fire continuously for several hours.
  • A secure, portable Smart Dock provides an interface for the owner to add and remove trusted users via the high-resolution touch screen. The Biofire Smart Gun and Smart Dock together are a closed system that protects personal information with defense-grade data security.
  • At time of launch, customers can personalize their firearm, choosing from 64 unique combinations of polymer, trigger, and magazine release colors.
  • Available in right-handed and left-handed models, and with customizable grip-size options.

For owners of home defense weapons, conventional methods for securing firearms force them to choose either speed or security – unlocking a firearm or taking it out of a safe costs valuable time when seconds matter. As a result, millions of gun owners store their firearms loaded and unsecured, with nearly half citing the belief that locks prevent quick access in an emergency. Some owners opt to secure their guns in their locked cars, but as gun thefts have soared in the last several years, cars parked outside residences are now the leading source of gun thefts.

The Biofire Smart Gun finally provides firearm owners with a highly accessible and reliable personal security device. After firing the Smart Gun with my own hands, I am convinced this is going to satisfy a significant unmet need from the consumer market at this critical time. This product will save lives while safeguarding the rights of all Americans.

Lt. General Guy C. Swan III (ret.), a member of the Biofire board

Since the infamous New Jersey smart gun mandate was repealed in 2019, Biofire has raised $30 million to develop the Biofire Smart Gun. It is the first and only venture capital-backed firearm technology company in the United States, with its 2022 Series A led by Founders Fund. Other investors in Biofire include highly respected VCs, family offices, and strategic investors including 10X Capital, Draper Associates, Liquid 2 Ventures, Cathexis Ventures, Crosstimbers Ventures, Break Trail Ventures, Grant Park Ventures, Structure Capital, Service Provider Capital, Gavin de Becker & Associates, Gaingels and Will Manidis.

The Biofire Smart Gun has been undergoing extensive durability and live-fire performance tests to optimize for manufacturing, so final specifications are subject to change. The Smart Gun will ship to customers through the same legal ATF transfer process required of all traditional firearms. Biofire will begin fulfilling customer orders in early 2024, in adherence with all applicable state and local regulations. It is now available for pre-order on with a refundable $149 deposit, total price of $1,499.

Source: Biofire news release

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