Barrett® Produces 1000th MRAD® MK22™

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to announce the production of the 1000th MRAD® (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) Mark 22™ MOD 0 (MK22) rifle, in support of the United States Special Operations Command Advanced Sniper Rifle and United States Army Precision Sniper Rifle contracts.

The MK22 is the latest acquisition which greatly enhances the capabilities of our service personnel, replacing several currently fielded sniper rifles within the United States Military.

Designed with precision and modularity in mind, the MK22 provides even greater flexibility within the highly successful MRAD rifle platform. This multi-caliber bolt action sniper rifle is capable of converting between 7.62x51mm, .300 Norma Magnum and .338 Norma Magnum calibers, based on the mission.

We are proud of this significant achievement, especially during this time of increased supplier challenges and unprecedented demand for the entire product line.

Joel Miller, Barrett’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Source: Barrett news release

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