Avon Protection launch new CH15 compact respiratory protection solution

Avon Protection are pleased to announce the launch of the CH15, a revolutionary new, ultra-thin, single size portable escape hood that provides a minimum of 15 minutes of respiratory vision and facial protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear threats.

The last decade has clearly demonstrated how the threat profile has changed significantly. Today most threats are unplanned, the CH15 is a development driven after an emerging requirement from specialist users to provide instant protection from all CBRN materials when in a live threat scenario. Developed in conjunction with The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), the CH15 escape hood provides rapid deployment respiratory protection for military, first responders and protective detail.

The CH15 offers a different approach to carrying respiratory protection, this device offers what no other traditional respirator can, a low profile, lightweight, one size fits all solution that is small and light enough to be carried at all times. This unique portable solution means the CH15 can always be on hand for the unexpected.

Justin Hine, Global Product Manager

The CE approved CH15 compliments Avon Protection’s leading respiratory protection portfolio, adapting proven technology to create their most compact CBRN protection device to date.

“Capability and threats are always evolving, at Avon Protection we are continuously working with our customers worldwide to ensure we design, develop and deliver world leading solutions to ensure they always have the right protection available no matter what the threat.”

James Wilcox, President – Military, at Avon Protection

Source: Avon Protection news release

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