AREX Defense Delta Gen.2

AREX Defense from Slovenia has just released an updated version of their AREX Delta 9 mm Parabellum duty pistol, now in 3 different sizes & Optic Ready.

The AREX Delta is a true double action striker-fired pistol. As opposed to some hammerless pistols with fully cocked strikers, the Delta’s striker spring is only partially compressed as a cartridge is chambered. We have found our Striker Double Action system to be inherently safer than a single-action fully cocked striker.

Enhanced User Interface

We have replaced the checkered grip texture of the first gen Delta with non-slip stippling as a direct result of your input. In addition to the original stippled indexing surfaces, the new gen.2 grip frames sport sandpaper-like stippled texture on all four sides of the grip with smooth edges to prevent garment snagging. Additionally flared magwell helps with smooth and fast mag changes. Grip frames now incorporate a multi-slotted picatinny rail to accommodate an even wider array of accessories. Four interchangeable grip inserts transform the grip ergonomics and enable you totailor the AREX Delta pistol to your hand.

Ultimately Reliable

Your safety remains our number one priority. Every firearm guarantees user’s safety primarily through its defensive function. You depend on it to perform flawlessly even under most adverse conditions. The AREX Delta builds upon the proven/nearly legendary reliability of the AREX zero1, taking it a notch higher. The internal extractor, internal slide stop notch and quick disassembly system does away with numerous potential ingress points common to most today’s semi-auto pistols, effectively sealing the AREX Delta from foreign matter. However, reliability is meaningless without safety and every performance feature was viewed through the possible safety aspects of its implementation.

Inherently Drop Safe

Since any mechanical safety may fail, we have designed a redundant Triple Drop Safety system to ensure the AREX Delta will not fire unless the trigger is depressed. The only external safety feature is the trigger safety latch. It prevents the trigger from moving when the pistol is dropped or struck and inertia is affecting the firing system. The second factor of the safety equation is the sear safety ramp. This internal feature prevents premature striker release by keeping the sear engaged with the striker until the trigger is depressed. The final part of the system is the firing pin block which is actively stopping the firing pin from reaching the primer until you release it by pressing the trigger.

Naturally Ambidextrous

The AREX Delta was designed for carry. It’s low weight and slim profile puts it on par with the most popular compacts while two different barrel/slide lengths and two grip frame dimensions enable you to opt for a high capacity long-slide option (L variant), a compact carry pistol (M variant) or a crossover between those two (X variant) combining a compact barrel/slide with a long grip holding a standard 17 round or a +2 extended mag. The contours of the pistol were designed with swift and smooth presentation in mind. There are no edges and sharp corners for clothing or gear to catch on. Pistol does eject to the right, but all controls are ambidextrous and neutral to left- or right-hand use. Ambi mag release buttons are snag-free and protected from unintentional activation.

Modular to The Core

The AREX Delta gen.2 is available in three basic variants but each may be ordered in factory Optics Ready configuration enabling you to further enhance the pistol with a reflex optical sight. The most compact – M variant is practically identical in size to the first generation AREX Delta and reverse grip frame compatibility has been maintained for your convenience. Modular design enables you to customize the firearm to your needs and preferences. Removable front and rear frame inserts incorporate slide guides and hold the complete fire control mechanism yet only the front insert is a serialized part that must remain with the firearm while everything else may be customized or exchanged if necessary or desired.

Elevated Shootability

The unique AREX delta Striker Double Action two-stage trigger was designed for safety, accuracy, and quick follow up capability. The first stage of the trigger pull is the striker cocking action where the trigger safety latch is disengaged, and striker moves to the rear to its fully cocked position. We have provided this initial trigger motion to help prevent unintentional discharges during extremely stressful defensive firearm uses. Trigger takeup is followed by a perceived wall enabling trigger prepping before the shot breaks. Trigger reset is short and tactile, enabling you to easier master “skipping” the cocking phase and prepping the trigger during recoil for fast and accurate follow up shots. The AREX Delta flat-face trigger provides for straight-to-back trigger feel, giving you better control and shot to shot precision. With the AREX Delta Striker Double Action you get safety and performance – best of both worlds literally at your fingertip.

Source: AREX Defense

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