AM General and Mandus Group’s Soft Recoil Technology to Be Tested with the United States Army

AM General, a global leader in military grade tactical vehicles and mobility systems, recently received a Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) contract from the United States Army to provide two HUMVEE 2-CT Hawkeye Mobile Howitzer Systems (MHS) for the U.S. Army’s characterization test.

AM General’s integration of Soft Recoil technology onto mobile platforms demonstrates our commitment to the innovation required to make future combat vehicles lighter, more survivable, and more lethal. We are honored to support the U.S. Army’s efforts to test and prove mobile howitzer systems.

Regis Luther, SVP Engineering and Chief Technology Officer

AM General and its strategic partner, Mandus Group, have been integrating the soft recoil technology (SRT) onto light, mobile, transportable, and survivable platforms without sacrificing firepower. SRT is a disruptive technology that will reduce the firing loads for direct and indirect weapons systems, enabling combat systems to meet emerging requirements. The technology is ready now and can be deployed on existing weapons platforms for an immediate effect on the battlefield. Soft recoil enables reduction in overall system weight, making systems more agile and responsive to benefit the supported maneuver commander.

The HUMVEE 2-CT (M1152 two-door cargo truck) that serves as the mobile platform, will come with a standard 14,100 lb. gross vehicle weight, 205 hp engine, and antilock braking system (ABS). While the U.S. Army conducts characterization testing of the 2-CT Hawkeye MHS over the next year, AM General and Mandus Group will continue to refine the technology for integration of the soft recoil technology onto other mobile platforms. Scalability is already being tested with a 155mm prototype. The group is also exploring integration onto other existing and future combat systems.

Source: AM General news release

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