ACS supplies new airborne vehicle

ACS is proud to announce that forces of a NATO army have selected ENOK 4.8 AB as their new light, air transportable vehicle. Together with our local partner, we prevailed in the face of intense competition. Of course, we cannot go into detail about the exact specifications of the vehicle and the specific operational scenario.

The USPs of ENOK 4.8 AB were advantageous for getting the contract. The very modular body concept gives the armed forces never seen flexibility. The basis of the ENOK 4.8 AB is military chassis from Mercedes-Benz. This chassis stands for robustness, reliability as well as worldwide service and spare parts supply.

ACS has defined and structured the manufacturing processes and procedures for these vehicles accordingly. The result is that the ENOK 4.8 AB offers not only high quality but also excellent price-performance on the European market.

Source: ACS news release

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