We have covered hearing protection many times – whether during service as a soldier or police officer, or at a shooting range – and we will keep highlighting the importance of proper protection for that sense, losing of which is irreversible. The technology keeps progressing and, from time to time, new solutions are emerging in the market – one of the more interesting options recently surfaced is 3M PELTOR TEP-100.

Hearing protection solutions by Swedish 3M PELTOR have won themselves a strong position on the market. They are popular among the military, law enforcement, as well as sport shooters, hunters, and in the industry. The name “Peltors” has almost become a benchmark for communication headsets, at least here in Europe. The latest product in 3M hearing saferty portfolio is TEP-100 (as TEP-100 EU in Europe). It may not be as advanced as the ComTacs but it is most certainly a very interesting solution.


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