Frag Out! Magazine #15 - Mitsubishi ASX 2017

2017 Mitsubishi ASX

One of the most important tasks of modern car designers is to find the Holy Grail of Design, creating something timeless. Of course, some may try to create original ideas, futuristic concepts with innovative solutions, but somewhere there, at the end of the food chain of the company, there is a financial department who say: Enough! It is a rather rare situation when, after many years, the designers thank their financial guards for diminishing their expensive fantasies.

FRAG OUT! Crew put their dirty hands on the limited edition 2017 ASX Cool Edition with the black contrast color of the roof, rear view mirrors, rear hatch, and two-tone alu rims. It’s well-balanced combination of quality and price. It is lacking any advanced support systems or extensive electronics that replace the driver in the control over the vehicle. At a reasonable price, you get a spacious, simple, and well-designed car that perfectly fits in the urban environment. What is interesting, the car shares the same DNA with Outlander and good ol’ of off-road masters, the Pajero and L200 pick-up truck.


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