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The Original Navy SEAL 3000, the most famous and most popular model of the Luminox brand was launched after 1994, after conducting one-year works under a commission of the US Navy SEALs frogmen who had been looking for a watch which ensures an easy read-out of time in any lighting conditions, during a day and at night and under the water.

The only one watch which survived a tough test procedure and still worked was the Original Navy SEALs 3000. Its key feature was case made of the highly impact-resistant composite of carbon fiber and polycarbonate which quickly became the flagship material used in the design of the Luminox.

FRAG OUT! received Luminox 3050 and 8800 watches for review. The first ones are a direct ancestors of SEALs watches and represent the Colormark line up. The others are from the Black Ops series what also draws upon the special operations and special forces. We have been using them for a dozen or so of months (one was actually used for few years) so we can say few words about them.


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