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On 31 March 2017, almost just before the end of availability of special purpose funds, Polish D announced awarding the contract for the purchase of three Boeings 737-80 as medium category airplanes to carry Polish government VIPs. This decision might mean that the plan to restore capability of VIP transport by Polish Air Force which was lost when the 36th Special Aviation Regiment was disbanded as a consequence of the tragic events of 10 April 2010 when plane with Polish President crashed near Smolensk, turned out to be successful.

As a result, Poland will acquire three aircraft for 670 million USD. These will include one used 737-800 132-pax aircraft, which is to be supplied by 15 November 2017. The passenger cabin layout is following: four pax in the HEAD section, eight pax in the Business Class and 120 pax in the Economic Class). According to the requirements, the aircraft may be five years old at most (just like engines). Based on the information revealed by MOD, we can assume that the jet may be actually brand new as currently Boeing has more than ten 737-800s at different assembly stages in its manufacturing plant as some customers canceled from 737-800 for the sake of latest 737 Max 8). MOD’s spokesperson said: “The parties are in the process of making decisions concerning the specific used aircraft, which is planned to be delivered in November 2017. The MOD has reserved the right to verify the offered aircraft”.


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